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You can 

transform how you feel

by what you eat and what you do

As you're reading this I imagine you're not feeling quite yourself

Are you having an energy crisis?

Or are suffering from symptoms such as  bloating, sneezing, headaches, joint pains or period pains? 

Do you have skin issues, been feeling down, have put on weight or can't seem to lose some excess weight?

Or have you had test results saying everything is fine and you feel it's not?

Your body is telling you that something is out of balance and the key is in your diet and lifestyle

I’m Joanna, a Registered Nutritional Therapist and I understand how life can throw us off track. 

Nutritional Therapy looks to identify the root causes of your symptoms

and in finding out what works for you,

rebalances what you eat, how you live and ultimately how you feel.


To book a consultation or have a free call to discuss working with me please get in touch

Nutrition Consultations

* Free call


* Initial consultation - approximately 1 hour


* Follow-up consultations  - approximately 45 minutes

* Support calls - as needed


Many thanks on lots of different levels. Being seen as a whole and looking at different aspects of my life and routine and how it impacts me. The relationship style of Joanna, the warmth empathy and genuineness she showed me really helped me to feel more comfortable and relaxed and I really appreciate how much work she put into my case...

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