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about joanna

My Story


My interest in food and nutrition developed gradually. In my 20s I noticed how a change in my eating habits led to less illnesses, improved PMS symptoms and my skin was clearer.  As a registered nurse I witnessed first-hand how nutrition and lifestyle affected health and patient outcomes. Finally after researching how to help my daughter improve her health and mental well-being, I saw the power of nutritional medicine in action in my own family. This motivated me to become a practitioner so I enrolled at the world-renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition and graduated with distinction. Alongside my nursing qualification I am now a fully qualified and registered Nutritional Therapist working in Oxfordshire and I continue to advance my knowledge with specialist training and keep up to date with new scientific research

How I work


My approach is to apply evidenced based nutrition science and physiology to individuals and their personal stories. I work with each person to identify where they've gone off track and empower them to take action to address the imbalances and reclaim their health.

        Sometimes it only takes a few small actions to make a big difference.

My aim then is to turn those actions into habits. For me, it is a priority to help my clients enjoy their food, so wherever possible, I always aim to add in rather than remove.

The Process



Before the consultation 

A free call is available to discuss individual needs.

A questionnaire and food diary is completed and returned prior to the appointment.

During the consultation

Discussion and information gathering including in-depth questions related to the questionnaire and food diary to develop a clearer understanding of each client's story.

Use of visual aids to help explain underlying imbalances and motivate simple action.

At the end of each session an agreed, clear, written plan with simple personalised actions and some tracking ideas is sent

Tests and supplements may be recommended as required. 

After each consultation 

Personal tracking and recording.

Support calls and follow-up sessions are available as needed to add layers, maintain momentum and to build on the plan.


Joanna is an insured, Registered Nutritional Therapist and a member of:

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