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about consultations


                                                       about consultations




                Please contact Joanna discuss whether Nutritional Therapy could help you. 

     07495 413170


This will be free no obligation call. If you decide you would like a Nutrition Consultation, Joanna will make you an appointment and send you a questionnaire and food diary. These need to be completed and sent back before the consultation.


initial consultation


On receipt of your filled forms, prior to the consultation, Joanna will analyse your medical history, health issues, current goals and symptoms

During the consultation Joanna will discuss these in more depth to understand your story, including your lifestyle and dietary habits. Joanna will then explain some of the potential imbalances that appear to be causing your health concerns 

Finally, she will create a tailor-made dietary programme to improve your health. Personal food preferences will be taken into account and a supplement programme may be included to help restore any possible nutrient deficiencies. First appointments last for approximately one hour  

Initial Assessment – £95

follow-up consultations


Follow-up consultations assess progress and add layers to the programme or tweak it if necessary. These vary in scheduling depending on need but commonly take place 2 – 4 weeks after the initial. Follow-up consultations generally last approximately 45 minutes.

Follow-up Consultation – £70

ongoing support


Support calls between Consultations are also available if required. 

Calls - £30 per 30 minutes



If required, tests may be recommended In order to investigate levels of nutrients, hormones, gut bacteria status, or assess allergies, liver function, digestion and many other areas. The tests used are the most up to date scientific technology.


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